Who is the Moody Aesthetic?

Moody Aesthetic is a design and building team which consist of-

Melissa, Interior Designer, Stylist & Teacher, and her husband, Donny, the carpenter, along with our trusted team of highly skilled craftsmen. We are based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, servicing all areas of Victoria.

What do we do?

We Design & Construct.

We provide the full works! From designing & styling a small space to a new build or renovation! We are a design family that works together to do it all, and do it well!

We have over 15 years experience in the design, building and construction industry. We work on Residential, Multi Res & Commercial projects, and thrive on renovating old homes that are full of character and charm. We also specialise in new builds and Project Management in Melbourne’s outer suburbs and growth areas.

We love to work with our family of tradesmen to provide high quality craftsmanship and beautiful and functional designs that are sustainable, timeless and contemporary. We understand the importance of architectural history and we aim to create design concepts that are influenced by the style of the home or site location. We design for the personalities that will inhabit the spaces and create brief’s that reflect each unique client.

Turning houses into homes and spaces into places is what we love to do! However, it’s the joy that we are able to bring to people like YOU. We are so grateful that we are trusted by our clients when designing their homes or builds, and those ‘hand-over’ moments and ‘before and after’ shots are our proud moments. Building and construction have been a part of our family history and we come from a large family of carpenters, concreters and tradesmen who have all helped influence the designers and builders that we are today.

We work together with our clients to develop a good understanding of who they are and how they live to create a concept that reflects their Design Story. We understand that it can be expensive, stressful and confusing when it comes to renovating, building or styling your own home and we are here to help make is an easy and enjoyable process.

Together we can help you achieve your dream home that suits your lifestyle and needs. We always aim for the process to be enjoyable and fun, as our professional and expert advice and skills provide you with the perfect Moody Aesthetic.